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Release date:  April 23, 2014

83,600 words (novel)

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He never thought he'd become one of the agoraphobic sludges of New York City  – trapped with one view of a courtyard and head full of wrenching memories.  Dumped, disconnected, and depressed, spying on the neighbors has become his only entertainment.  Then, without warning, lascivious and suspicious behavior by the closeted lawyer in the huge apartment across the courtyard leads him to a spine-tingling conclusion…his neighbor is a murderer.  Perhaps collaborating with Detective Marzoli to catch the killer is the key to surviving a past and present that are literally strangling him to death?  Perhaps this beautiful, fierce detective can bring life back to his life?

"Possibly the best book I've read in years.
The initial frenetic, unpleasantly acerbic state of our narrator has its origin in a damaged past which is unveiled little by little throughout the book. The sympathetic cop who reaches out to him has his own complex reasons for the way he is, and the chemistry of those two characters together - which encompasses both recognition and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths - is unbelievably attractive. The mystery itself is beautifully constructed and interlocks seamlessly with the story of our protagonists' lives - the one story line moves the other forward in a very natural way, leading both to quite satisfactory conclusions. This was the surprise read of the Awards for me, and it is undoubtedly a winner. I look forward to reading more from this author."

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

"The Next by Rafe Haze is a stunning tour de force: Rear Window without the filters, hyped on suspense and edge-of-your seat observations of the human condition...The portraits he paints of the souls around him were painful and brilliant and insightful and almost too honest to bear...I don’t have enough stars in my galaxy for The Next, but suffice it to say, I was up all night, my heart in my throat for more than one reason. The writing is intelligent. The language raw and authentic. The pain is real, the angst honest. The ending will leave your heart racing."

Sand in My Shoes Reviews

"An amazing new voice arrives on the LGBT fiction scene, and you will not want to miss it!"

The Novel Approach

"Whoa, what a ride...Chemistry ignites as soon as the MC opens the door.  There is one love scene specifically that had my throat tightening and me wiping my eyes."  

The Blogger Girls

"The narrative is sublime, the technical writing excellent, stylistically it is beautiful. It is so funny at times that I startled people around me laughing. The pop culture is never overdone and suited this contemporized gay version of Rear Window well. Then there are parts that tore at my core, a book that holds so much in its title – The Brothers Save Jessie …Just… goddammit…"

 On Top Down Under Book Reviews

"Masterfully written...It has been a long time since I've handed out so much praise in one review to a writer I had not read before."

Reviews by Amos Lassen

"5 of 5 Stars.  The sexual tension between the MC's is incredible...The writing style is reminiscent of film noir at its best..."

Prism book Alliance

"The last five chapters had me completely enthralled.  There were several incredible revelations that pulled all of the threads together! I definitely recommend The Next if you like a bit of mystery, a mountain of angst, and a wonderful HEA."

Joyfully Jay M/M Romance Reviews

"In giving the premise of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' an updated treatment, New York author  Rafe Haze, hits the mark…The tension builds like a kettle on an ever increasing heat, leading up to confrontations that literally had me on the edge of my seat."

Funny Odd Thing


Romance set in the New York City Country Western Dance Scene.

C  L I C K   T O  B U Y

C L I C K   T O  B U Y