absolute fiction is fictitious

Yes, Hilary, it actually is your fault.

Hilary, let's face it: no matter how Democrats want to minimize your email "scandal", the reality is that the brainless undecided Purple voters were swayed Red by it.  We cannot deny that reality. It's unfortunate, laughable, capricious, and ridiculously negligible compared to the mountain of Trump sins.  However, because you whimsically decided to ignore the advice of Security not to use your private email server in your Connecticut country house, you screwed yourself.  You handed the Republicans their victory.  You handed them the Executive Branch.  You handed them 3 Supreme Court Justices.  You handed them the rollback of The Affordable Care Act.  You handed them the roll back of Gay Rights. You handed them the rollback of Environmental Protection. You handed them Increased Racist Tribalism.  You handed the White House the occupancy of a First Lady who plagiarizes and made a sex tape. You handed them the flushing of United States' Dignity and Respect down the Global Toilet.  And Hilary, it was so avoidable!  

Or...or...or was it?  Yes, you were thoroughly qualified to be the Democratic candidate intellectually and experience-wise, but you were also utterly tone deaf to the skin-deep impressions the undecided Purples require of any figure they elect to support - whether in politics, sports, or entertainment. These Purples, like the Reds, are attuned to entertainment, fervor, bluster, bombast, and 'attitude' over policy discussions, moral high ground, steely resolve, steady disposition, emotional intelligence, dignified language, experience, and political correctness. They require the intensity of a snorting bull and the clamor and showmanship of crashing pro-wrestlers. Your sense of humor isn't edgy.  You are not a cartoonish reality show personality. You are not entertaining. You do not know how to brand yourself in sledge-hammered billboards and platitudes.  You wore no designer gowns to be featured in fashion mags - covertly and subconsciously required of successful women by conservative voters. And you do not contain all that bombast under the dangling of a very, very, very shiny silver cross around your neck.  Quite simply put, you are not the right candidate for 50% of The United States' digitally saturated, tabloid-mesmerized citizens in the year 2016. Not a bit.

C L I C K   T O  B U Y

C L I C K   T O  B U Y