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The Next by Rafe Haze
Romantic Suspense Thriller

Publisher: Wilde City Press, LLC (April 23, 2014)
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"Possibly the best book I've read in years.
The initial frenetic, unpleasantly acerbic state of our narrator has its origin in a damaged past which is unveiled little by little throughout the book. The sympathetic cop who reaches out to him has his own complex reasons for the way he is, and the chemistry of those two characters together - which encompasses both recognition and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses as well as their strengths - is unbelievably attractive. The mystery itself is beautifully constructed and interlocks seamlessly with the story of our protagonists' lives - the one story line moves the other forward in a very natural way, leading both to quite satisfactory conclusions. This was the surprise read of the Awards for me, and it is undoubtedly a winner. I look forward to reading more from this author."

-Lambda Judge


Garrett Miller probes Rafe's life, writing process, current project...and plays a demo off an upcoming album "Dead in the Water." 

C  L I C K   T O  B U Y

C L I C K   T O  B U Y